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I managed to finagle my way into an after-hours event at Yarn Forward last Friday. They were hosting the Vogue Knitting tour group, with Mags Kandis and Gail Dunn as speakers. Under the guise of “helping out” (which I did) I was able to listen to both speak about new projects and their own inspirations and design processes. I wore Daffodil because if you’re going to meet Mags Kandis you might as well wear Mission Falls.

I have photos, but the camera cord is at home, so you’ll have to trust me for now. I’ll tell you this – Mags Kandis speaks with her hands, so most of the photos are blurry, except the one where’s she’s knitting. 

The best moment of the evening took place when I was winding skeins for the Vogue shoppers. Mags Kandis came over to the winding station and introduced herself to me. To me!! And then she told me that she really liked my designs.

That’s going to hold me for awhile. Which is good, because I lost the ability to think rational thoughts when Mags complimented me.


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LS – BS – BL

LS is my Little Sister. Get it? She nicknamed herself in an unusually cute moment a couple of years ago and I made sure it stuck. Almost immediately I realized that that would make me BS. Even though LS reminded me that I’m “z”, BS has lingered (jokingly) in the shadows of our conversations since then.

When I answered the phone one day this week, I heard LS chirp into the phone “Hello BL!” and I had no idea what she was talking about.

Bunny Lady.

Here’s why:

Now with thumbs!

Now with thumbs!

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