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For Ms. Naomi…

…who called to chat with Nadine and ended up talking blogs with me, some long overdue knitting content:

Patons Classic Wool, Leaf Green
Original Pattern
Picot edge

Status: Unsold, currently in the winter scarf pile

Manos del Uruguay, colour long forgotten
Based on pattern from Barbara G. Walker’s book

Status: Unsold. Tucked away for future use.

Assorted Fibres in various shades of green

Status: To be gifted to Christine.

Linen Leaves
Euroflax Linen, Granite
Kidsilk Night, forgotten colour
Original Pattern

Status: SOLD!

Polka Dots
Handmaiden yarns, Silk and Wool blend
Original pattern

Status: Gifted to Gates for driving me home.


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One stitch at a time.

This blog has been named after my cats, LC (aka Squishy, shown here in a semi-squished state) and Blue (appearing here in one of here rare awake moments).

They’re cute, they purr, they have undignified nicknames. Enough said.

I’ve been knitting non-stop for the last four years and I’ve accumulated quite a list of finished obects. Despite that, I’ve only got one photo:

Voila – a variation on the Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. Knit in Noro Silk Garden, colour forgotten, but noted somewhere. I omitted the fringe since I’m not a fringe kind of girl, and made it wider than in the pattern. I knit until I was tired of knitting and then blocked the finished stole, which resulted in a lovely smooth fabric. I love, love, love this stole.

Projects currently on the go:

  • Original stole/shawl design in laceweight Alpaca, possibly for a LYS
  • Shoalwater Shawl in MegaBoots sock yarn (almost done)
  • Mystery project – Mum’s Christmas present, DK weight Briggs and Little in a tweedy purple

There’s so much more I want to knit, and so many designs I want to develop. Sigh. One stitch at time, one project at a time.

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