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A halloween headache

I've got a bit of a headache


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Can you frog a laptop?

My computer decided to take a break this week. I wasn’t consulted and since it refuses to boot up properly, we’re not really able to discuss the timing. Threatening doesn’t really work – at almost 8 years old, this computer is on its last legs. It has served me well and even survived a case-cracking drop on the floor.

I’m going to try (again) tonight – and see if holding down the shift key will let me bypass the font manager that is causing the problems.

Wish me luck.

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I seem to have resolved the technical challenge of importing my posts from Blogger into WordPress, so I’m going to hang out here for awhile. Welcome.

More posts shortly – right now I’m dealing with a bunny sweater that doesn’t want to be knit. I think the sweater’s going to win, but I’m not going down without a fight.

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LS is curious..

…so I’m showing her how to post to a blog. I’ve been busy on the knitting front – sans pictures as I’ve misplaced the charger for the camera.

See how simple it is, LS? (She can’t answer…she’s gone to get a snack.)

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A note to the cats

Seeing the bottom of the bowl doesn’t mean you’re out of food. It just means that you’ve got to start digging in a new area of the bowl. If it really stresses you out that much, kick the side of the bowl to redistribute the food.

Now go to bed!

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