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I managed to finagle my way into an after-hours event at Yarn Forward last Friday. They were hosting the Vogue Knitting tour group, with Mags Kandis and Gail Dunn as speakers. Under the guise of “helping out” (which I did) I was able to listen to both speak about new projects and their own inspirations and design processes. I wore Daffodil because if you’re going to meet Mags Kandis you might as well wear Mission Falls.

I have photos, but the camera cord is at home, so you’ll have to trust me for now. I’ll tell you this – Mags Kandis speaks with her hands, so most of the photos are blurry, except the one where’s she’s knitting. 

The best moment of the evening took place when I was winding skeins for the Vogue shoppers. Mags Kandis came over to the winding station and introduced herself to me. To me!! And then she told me that she really liked my designs.

That’s going to hold me for awhile. Which is good, because I lost the ability to think rational thoughts when Mags complimented me.


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I love to cook. I browse food blogs with the same devotion as knitting blogs. On weekends I take great care to create lovely meals for Mum and I. On weeknights, well, that’s another story. I’m tired. There’s usually lots to do and, of course, cooking cuts into what little knitting I’ve got left at the end of the day.

Pre-grocery meal planning seems to be the key to my weeknight meal successes. Not the “plan while you’re in the grocery store” kind of menu, but the “sitting down and thinking about what to make before I lose myself in the aisles” type of planning. In the past, I’ve accomplished this occasionally, but it never seems to last more than a month or so. What does happen during that month is that we have better, more varied meals, less waste and nicer looking meals.

In an effort to continue menu planning, I’m going to start documenting some of those meals. When there’s a recipe, I’ll link to it but beware: I’m “one of those cooks” who make up things as they along. There may not be a lot of recipes.

Tonight’s effort: Zucchini Tart. Here’s what I started with:

That’s a small block of gruyere cheese (I used about 3/4 of that mound), three eggs (I only used 2), two largish yellow zucchinis (I used one whole one and a couple of slices), finely chopped red onion, herbes de provence, dried mustard, black pepper, grainy mustard, soy milk and two generous spoonfuls of sour cream and one pie crust. (I used the already made kind.)

Before the oven:                                                      After the oven:

We devoured our slices with a big green salad and glasses of lemony water. Yum!

Once the dishes were cleared, I attacked the Big Green Shawl (BGS). I’m 16 stitches away from the second corner – that’s two more edge repeats, or 2-1/2 hours of knitting. I’m thrilled to be so close. Equally thrilling is the fact that when I fold up the BGS it looks finished. So I don’t have to hide it in baskets around the house. It’s just living life on the coffee table and teasing the cats.  My guess is that they’ll be curled up on the BGS by Sunday night.

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For Ms. Naomi…

…who called to chat with Nadine and ended up talking blogs with me, some long overdue knitting content:

Patons Classic Wool, Leaf Green
Original Pattern
Picot edge

Status: Unsold, currently in the winter scarf pile

Manos del Uruguay, colour long forgotten
Based on pattern from Barbara G. Walker’s book

Status: Unsold. Tucked away for future use.

Assorted Fibres in various shades of green

Status: To be gifted to Christine.

Linen Leaves
Euroflax Linen, Granite
Kidsilk Night, forgotten colour
Original Pattern

Status: SOLD!

Polka Dots
Handmaiden yarns, Silk and Wool blend
Original pattern

Status: Gifted to Gates for driving me home.

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